Useful Sigfox AT commands

Sigfox modules are usually controlled with AT commands. In this article you can find list of basic AT commands which should work with almost every SIGFOX chip you can find. If you miss any “universal” command, please post it to the comments, so I can expand the table.


AT commandDescription
ATChecks if the device communicate properly.
AT$T?Returns internal temperature (format is manufacturer-specific)
AT$SF=0111Sends data to Sigfox network (this example sends "0111"). Data must be in HEX format.
AT$SB=1Sends one bit to Sigfox network (this example send "1").
AT$IF?Return frequency of Tx line
AT$DR?Returns frequency of Rx line
AT$ID?Returns chip ID
AT$PAC?Returns chip PAC number
AT:Pn=?Returns a list of GPIO pins and its modes
AT$V?Returns voltage - current and voltage measurred during last transmission. Voltage in mV.

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