TIP: domain for IoT for 99 cents

Short tip for IoT developers here. Registrar of .xyz domains published an interesting offer recently. It is called AYDACFU. They started to sell some .xyz domains for 99 cents per year (including renewal fee, which is important). This is no promo or time-limited sale. To be able to receive a domain for this price, the

Where to store data from sensors – ThingSpeak

Today we take a look at well-known service called ThingSpeak. ThingSpeak is cooperating with MathWorks – company best known for creating MATLAB software. Project launched in 2010. They even provide older version of their service as opensource.   What does it offer?

Useful Sigfox AT commands

Sigfox modules are usually controlled with AT commands. In this article you can find list of basic AT commands which should work with almost every SIGFOX chip you can find. If you miss any “universal” command, please post it to the comments, so I can expand the table.  

Communication with IoT devices

One of the biggest problem of the IoT world is to choose one appropriate way how to get data from/to your device. Few years ago, we could use mostly GSM networks, which is expensive and power consuming (and that is a problem for devices powered on batteries). Let’s see what options we have now. You